Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drama on the Homefront!

What a week! Not only did we have a horrible ice storm that left us all going insane at home, but Lexi broke her arm Tuesday night! She came out of her room and said, "Mom, I need some ice, I think I broke my arm." I jumped out of the chair and pulled her night gown up and i could feel a lot of moving and popping. (i know-it's gross!) We piled in the truck and drove to Northwest Medical Center because it was the closest. They got us checked in and had us in a room in about 10 minutes. I think that's a record for an ER around here. After the doctor came in, he set us up for x-rays. When we got to radiology, she was in a lot of pain. They called the doctor and the nurse came down and gave her a shot. We got the x-rays done and waited for the report. The doctor walks in the room and says, "Oh, yeah it's broken." They put a splint on it that went from her shoulder to her hand and told us to see an Orthopaedic doctor to see what they recommend. I asked them if I could see the x-rays, so they showed me. She broke her arm about 2 inches above her elbow all the way through the bone!!! It's broken at an angle. They were floored at how she could have broken it that way.

Because of the weather, all the doctors offices were closed for two days. We got in today and because the break is so bad and in such an odd place, they couldn't put a regular cast on. They put the plaster on from her shoulder to her elbow and wrapped it around several times. Then they wrapped it with some other material and then ace wrap. It is a monstrosity! They put a loop in the top of it that wraps around her neck to keep it stable.

She cannot have a bath or shower for 3 weeks! We have to wash her hair in the sink and do sponge baths! She will go back in three weeks and they will put a special brace on made especially for her. I can only imagine how much that will cost! Here are a couple of pictures. Trust me , it doesn't do it justice. She had to wear one of my shirts earlier today that we had to cut just to get it over the cast. This is Dustin's shirt. :)

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Mrs. Shy said...

Oh no jo! that is awful!! Poor Lexi!!! We'll pray for a speedy recovery!